At the heart of it all, I'm here to help others master their communication, the strongest of the soft skills!  When this happens, when you communicate with confidence and passion, when you can tap into your own story and purpose, you can maximize every opportunity to connect with your audience, build fan loyalty, land that next job, deliver amazing speeches, and transform lives!   Here's a look at the roads I've traveled:

On-air I've been blessed to report local to national headlines and breaking news, interview celebrities, national correspondents, politicians, athletes and local movers and shakers. I've also been able to share some of the most amazing medical miracles with a series called Medical Mondays.

As a Public Speaker, I've represented the brands of my stations and my own brand as an MC, Keynote Speaker, Panelist and Moderator for organizations including the American Heart Association, Susan G. Woman Race for the Cure, NAACP, the United Way, Dedication to Community and Purpose Driven Youth Empowerment.

As an Entrepreneur, I've owned the Charlotte, NC based consultancy Media Versed Communications since 2007.  It's under this umbrella that I share my skills as an Athletic Media Coach, working with professional, college and budding athletes, the Charlotte Bobcats (now the Hornets), college athletic programs including the University of Arkansas and Davidson College, the former NCAA First Team iHoops program (the joint venture and official youth basketball organization created by the NBA and NCAA) and the Karolina Diamonds AAU Basketball Team - to name a few.  I've also helped athletes in their post playing careers, especially as they transition into commenting and public speaking roles. *You can contact me directly for a few of these names as references..  But they are intentionally left off to protect the privacy of my clients.*

As a Public Speaking & Communications Coach, I've helped other Public Speakers, business owners and corporate executives hone their own communication skills, revamp their presentations to incorporate more audience involvement, and helped many find their inner passion and confidence to deliver their speeches in a way that draws resounding applause, audience praise and engagement.

As an Instructor I've taught journalism, TV performance, writing, and social media courses at the University of Arkansas, Buffalo State University and St. Bonaventure University, plus Co-Directed the Charlotte campus of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. 

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I'm also the Author of If You Died Today, Would You Live On? Your Legacy Needs Your Attention! and Athletes and the Media - Bridging the Gap and a PhD Candidate interested in studying the impromptu ambassador and spokesperson roles of student athletes compared to their level of preparedness to communicate confidently and effectively, plus the long-term ramifications.

As a Philanthropist, I believe we're here to help others reach their potential, and often donate communications coaching to middle and high school students.

As a Wife to an amazing Husband and the Mom to a precious Daughter and Son, I am blessed beyond my own comprehension.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me!

Coach B